Personal, Friendly, Helpful  Interior Design & Decorating Assistance:

  • Colour and Texture schemes suitable and pleasurable for You
  • Fabric Focus – what is the best and most beautiful for what you need
  • Room Configurations improving your use, traffic flow and layout
  • Sorting out the Clutter and making the most of your physical and visual space
  • Redecorating and Freshening options to improve your enjoyments and minimise your hassles
  • Product Sourcing – doing the running around for you
  • Attractive & Practical Presenting help and ideas for when you are selling - and for that spruce up before the holidays -
  • Maximise your recreation, storage and utility areas, indoors and out


Living Rooms Interior Design
Nelson, NZ

“If you want to increase your enjoyment of your home - call me.  I love to encourage and feed my client's creativity, and together we come up with a personalised decor ”    Ngaire