Revitalise and enrich your home with a personal design guide, bringing your homestyle to life

After our relationships and values our home’s living environment is the most influential factor in our lives, daily affecting our feelings of well-being.  Both consciously and unconsciously the rooms we live in influence our outlook, our motivations and our emotions. This directly relates to our perceptions of wellbeing, comfort, nurture and creativity.   Making the most of your living environment provides invaluable reward, continually encompassing you and your home’s family with on-going enjoyment and satisfaction.

Living Rooms Interior Design exists to encourage, guide and assist in helping you maximise your enjoyment and value of your home. 

Beautiful colours and fabrics

Too many beautiful colours and fabrics to choose from?

Today we have thousands of choices for our homes that can bombard, confuse and overwhelm us; everywhere beautiful visual images of colours, textures, fabrics, furnishings and fittings all with their own appeal.  The services of a Personal Interior Design Guide will help you clarify and focus your vision with important knowledge of design principles and the possibilities for your home.  Providing you with visual concepts and co-ordinations, purchasing guidance and supplier introductions, you can be confident in the style and coherency of what you want to achieve.

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THAT room

What can be done with THAT room?

An odd and difficult, often cold and poorly positioned room frustrates and annoys every time you ‘store’ something else in there.  Creative ideas and suggestions will guide your renovation of a difficult room.  By maximising functional, spatial planning, lighting, colour and texture possibilities, THAT room can be transformed to become fully useful and enjoyable.  You will regain a valuable space that is totally integrated with your needs, and aesthetically appreciated in the flow of your home.

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Overwhelmed with all the detail

So excited about decorating your new house but overwhelmed with all the detail and suppliers?

Having someone to work with you through the interior design progression of a new home’s décor provides step-by-step development, clarity and support.  Planning and bringing about a beautiful new home is a truly wonderful thing but it can be a breathless and nerve-wracking experience, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and worried by doubts about getting it right.  Having the services of an Interior Design and Decorating Consultant to help you make sense of it all eases the demands on your time and lifts the strain off you.  Ease your load and maximise your new home’s functional and aesthetic possibilities and you will enjoy this great project much more.

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Rental property refresh

Need to refresh a rental property giving maximum appeal with minimum cost?

By applying considered and appropriate décor, your rental property can be refreshed with low maintenance and versatile schemes incorporating practical and hardwearing qualities, saving you money and frequent redecoration. There are many functional, contemporary schemes of colour and materials available which have a wide appeal, pleasing a broad range of people.  Offering your tenants a fresh and uplifting home to dwell in will inspire them to care for your property.

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Holiday home

Does your holiday home need to catch up with you and your needs?

Sometimes that most personal and special home needs remodelling to varying levels, and a reinvestment of some of the nurture that we receive there.  It’s a vital place and oh-so valuable to us, especially the memories, family marks, collected treasures, and the immediate simplicity and release from stress your holiday home gives you.  Minimising disruption to a holiday home’s patina when revamping it is a must.  Sensitive and customised attention ensures that your very special holiday get-away receives some revitalisation in return.

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Can’t get started

Can’t get started sorting and storing all that stuff that’s taking over?

It seems so simple; just sort it; eject it, use it or store it – not… With practical guidelines, stuff-understanding and a sense of humour I will help you organise it all visually and physically.  Together we will find a place and a purpose for your large and wondrous collection of things and treasures, including those that have just gotta go!  The absence of clutter improves your home flow patterns, and gives you important visual peace, freedom to move, breathe, relax and recreate –

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Presenting for Buyers - or holiday friends and rellies?

Being able to regularly show your home and potential at it's un-personalised  best for marketing is very challenging while  living  in it.  It's also an area of especial budgetary consideration.  At minimum every house going on the market should be clean, tidy, light and inviting.   Knowing you are presenting your home and property at maximum attraction to the best of your ability is essential to you in your confidence and selling position - and for any other showing off you might want to do...   Offering long-distance loved ones come to holiday with you an inviting home, freshened and comfortable to share and enjoy each others' company in is very pleasurable for all.  Using common-sense with flair in visual solutions your home can be highly presentable and practically functional while on display.

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Think your job or budget is too small for the help of an Interior Designer?

Any project that improves the potential enjoyment of your home is never too small.  Having a range of options, tips and tricks can make big differences with minimal expenses.  I offer a friendly and approachable, flexible interior design and decorating service to anyone who wants to make the most of their home and enjoy the processes in achieving this satisfaction.

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